Student Fiscal Appeal Process

Student Fiscal Appeal Process

In order for appeals to be considered in a timely manner, students must read the guidelines below in their entirety and follow them explicitly. Appeals must be accompanied by written documentation supporting the extraordinary circumstance that supports the basis for the appeal. Appeals not submitted on the Appeals Form and/or that do not include documentation to support the appeal will be rejected until required documentation is received by the Panel.


The University Student Fiscal Appeals Panel will consider appeals involving issues related to the application of University student fiscal policy.

Appeals must be submitted within one semester of the end of the semester in which the charge was assessed.

The decision of the University Student Fiscal Appeals Panel is final and is not subject to further appeal.

Circumstances not subject to appeal:

  • Fiscal policy that is prescribed by state and/or Federal law is not subject to appeal.
  • Students are responsible for decisions they make pertaining to their registration for classes at the University. Tuition Fee Appeals will not be considered that arise from a student's error on registration or situations resulting from a deliberate decision or series of decisions by the student.
    • Example 1: A student decides to take 18 hours, but later decides that the work load is too great and decides to drop the course.
    • Example 2: A student registers for a course without having completed the specified prerequisite class for the course. The student finds that he or she does not have the necessary background for the course and drops it after the refund period.
  • Students are responsible for confirming prior to the first day of classes that their registration is complete and accurate. Financial implications resulting from a failure to do so does not constitute grounds for an appeal.
  • Unless there is documented evidence of extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control, failure of the student to notify the University of a decision not to attend classes is not grounds for appeal of tuition and fee charges.
  • Lack of attendance in a course(s) is not grounds for an appeal of charges assessed for the course.
  • Students who decide not to attend classes during a semester in which financial assistance is awarded or received through financial aid or through a non-University sponsor are responsible for notifying the University of their decision. Students must notify the Student Business Services Department prior to the first day of classes using their NEO email account or by mail. Failure to notify Student Business Services will result in an obligation to pay all or a portion of tuition and fees that is not subject to appeal.
  • Certain types of fines and charges may be handled by other appeals panels and those will not be considered by the University Fiscal Appeals Panel. An example of charges not considered by the University Fiscal Appeals Panel are fines and penalties for parking violations, which are considered by another panel created for that purpose.

NOTE: Decisions resulting from the student fiscal appeals process do not impact petitions to have grades or academic records changed. See your Academic Advising Office for more information on appeal of academic records.

Filing an Appeal

Time Limit:

Any fiscal appeal must be filed within one semester (long term) after the action being appealed was made. Appeals not received by 5th class day of the semester that is being appealed will be considered at the next meeting of the Appeals Panel.

Permission to access records:

The act of filing an appeal is construed as authorizing all Panel members to have full access to all records, including academic, civil and medical records that may have a bearing on deliberations.

Burden of proof:

The burden of proof shall be upon the student to prove his or her case by a preponderance of evidence in the written appeal.

Appeals must be accompanied by all evidence and supporting documents that will be considered at the Appeals Panel meeting, including a written statement from the responsible department as described above.

  • Illness-based fee appeals must include an official medical certificate, complete with dates of illness, date examined by a physician, nature of illness and expected date of convalescence, if appropriate.
  • Bereavement/death based student fiscal appeals must include a death certificate or documentation from the funeral home.

Accompanying documentation must be an official, original document and include a contact phone number. YOUR APPEAL CANNOT BE ADDRESSED UNTIL WE RECEIVE ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION.

Appeals for which documentation has not been received within sixty (60) days of submission will be considered void and if the student wishes to pursue an appeal, they will be required to resubmit the appeal request form with all relevant documentation. Incomplete forms and/or forms submitted without documentation of circumstances will not be reviewed by the Panel. Any voided appeals must be resubmitted within the one semester time limit established above.

Notification of decision:

The student and the relevant University offices and departments will be informed via email and formal letter of the Appeals Panel's decision.

Student Fiscal Appeals Panel Meetings

The Panel will convene at least once each semester unless no applications for appeal have been filed since the previous meeting. To assure proper action, students are urged to initiate the appeals process immediately after the discussion with the appropriate office has occurred. Tuition and fee charges must be paid by respective due dates, regardless of appeals. If the student's appeal is granted, a refund will be provided.

To Request a Fiscal Appeal:

By accessing this link to the University Student Fiscal Appeal Form and filling out and submitting the form, I certify that I have read the guidelines for filing a student fiscal appeal, that the information I have provided in this appeal is true and accurate, and that I hereby authorize the University Student Fiscal Appeals Panel to seek additional verification or information as needed.